Commodore System

The Commodore System is our premium line of concrete pontoons, which feature the strongest dock connections in the industry.  Based on floating breakwater technology, these pontoons are designed and engineered for the super yacht market.  Equipped with extra-large top-entry utility channels capable of handling substantial utility lines.

The extremely stable Commodore System sets the industry standard for providing amazing perimeter protection with revenue generation capability. By functioning as both a wave attenuator and berthing, the Commodore System provides a tranquil basin and a secure marina environment.

The Commodore System is offered with two freeboard heights, a 24″ freeboard for the Super Yacht marinas, and a 20″ freeboard for smaller berths.  The Commodore System can be anchored by piles, Harborflex, or chain.

Technical Data Sheets:

3800 (12 feet width):
Commodore 3800
Commodore 3800c
Commodore 3800CC
Commodore 3800Cc
Commodore 3800H

4800 (15 feet width):
Commodore 4800
Commodore 4800c
Commodore 4800CC
Commodore 4800Cc
Commodore 4800H

6200 (20 feet width):
Commodore 6200
Commodore 6200CC
Commodore 6200Cc
Commodore 6200c H